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When it comes to security programs, the average organization spends 80% of their energy on buying products. The hope is that some combination of firewalls, antivirus and other security products will keep us safe. The flaw in this approach is that it overlooks the importance of employee roles and needs in the midst of an attack. 

Join Todd O’Boyle, cofounder and CTO of Strongarm and Adrian Sanabria, Director of Research at Savage Security for a lively talk, focusing on real-life security scenarios. Todd and Adrian will walk you through these scenarios and show you a better way to approach security. You’ll learn how to proactively plan and sanely respond when an actual attack takes place. 

This webinar will include:

  • Communication and preparation strategies for the most common types of attacks.
  • Real-world examples of both successful and failed attacks.
  • A guide to incident response planning to help prevent fire drills by standardizing processes ahead of time. 

You’ll leave this webinar with strategies and plans for protecting your employees, information, and company against all forms of cyberattack.